Sam's Thoughts

12:00 AM

Its time for another round of

"Samantha's random thoughts!" 

  • So you know that moment?? When you are on pinterest and you see something like this

And you say

"I want to make that!!!"

Then you waltz into your kitchen, and you have everything to make it, then your like
"Nah, I don't feel like it"

I hate that feeling, cause I just wish I could keep that desire to cook all the time. Cause I want to be that girl that makes amazing meals for her man :)
Like my momma, who made THE BEST NONMEAT burgers the other night! Yumm!!! (pictures to come!)

  • My friend and I are crazy. In a good way. We are already planning (or at least trying to) on attending Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party and we are already looking up outfits via Disney Bound for costume ideas. What do you think!???!!??

  • I had to drop off some paperwork at school the other day and it felt SO weird being back on campus. Its been almost 3 months since I've been on the campus and it just felt so weird and deja vuish.

  • Batman was, ok. I mean, Don't get me wrong I didn't think it was HORRIBLE. But it could have been better and less.... Long.....I do have to say the end.. SPOILER ALERT! - JGL as Robin! Oh my freaking Goodness!

  • How cool are these movie posters!???! I want to print some on card stock and frame them in my room -

  • Sam Claflin is Finnick. Um. Very. Very. Big. YES!


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