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This past week I traveled down to South Beach with my young adults group "Radius" to attend to wonderful 
This conference was SO GREAT. If you live in FL or near the south beach area, you NEED TO GO next year! So many great speakers with so many great words that really refreshed MY faith and got me fired up for God again and reminded me why I serve Him.

The ride down was... Interesting...
Now, I was homeschooled and didn't go to summer camps so this was my first real "experience" on a bus trip. And I say it was interesting BECAUSE, we had air conditioning, but not when we were on the highway, which we were on 98% of the time for the 3 hour trip. Yup.
Then the next 3 days flew by super fast. Speaker after speaker. From 10am to 10pm we were either in sessions or walking around Miami. Each day was so amazing and spirit filled it was just great!

And of course I found the closest starbucks to the conference and visited it everyday we were there.
On the last day we found this GREAT burger place called Shake Shack. Which is the best burger place I have ever eaten at... EVER! Everything is natural and organic and they even will make your burger Gluten free and place it on lettuce! Yes! They even have treats for your doggie :)

And Mend Mark was AMAZING as always and sent my Radius crew some bracelets! The crew LOVED them and loved talking about their message which is to remind us of love through the one who died and rose again for us and for love.
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Below is just a little video I made of our trip if you'd like to check it out :)


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