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So seeing that I am running on fandom high right now I thought I'd take some time before my body crashes to talk about the epicness that was The Avengers.

First off, I LOVE the hunger games and thought the movie was great but between the two, The Avengers totally blew it out of the water. Now don't hate me my fellow HG fans, just understand I have a love for Marvel charaters too and if you are going to compare the two movies (which you really shouldn't cause they are two separate movies), The Avengers would win no doubt.

Ok with that said here are some bullet point's with some of my thoughts on the movie :)

  • This was probably the funnest midnight showing i've ever been to. Now, granted I've only been to 2 but this was buy far the best.
  • When the "Dark Night" trailer came, you could hear a pin drop it was that quiet.
  • I can understand how it would be hard to make a movie about "Hawkeye" but you got to admit that guy is freakin cool!
  • I apologize to all my male friends around me who had to listen to me say "oh he is SO FINE" when Captain America first appeared.... ok, i'll be honest.. i said that EVERY time he was on screen. Tebow, you have some competition.
  • Robert Downey Jr IS Tony Stark/Iron Man. Nough said
  • The details in the fight scenes were amazing, the little details between the characters using each other to fight was so great!!
  • Anyone who says Mark Rufflo is a horrible Bruce Banner I wanna personally come slap you. By the end of the movie The Hulk stole the show, just saying. 
  • I love the Banner/Stark friendship that forms 
  • Thor is amazing as ever. He is my favorite 
  • Agent Coulson. You are the best! 

Will I see it again?? 
Um, HECK YEA! :) 


  1. Exactly. It DEFINITELY blew Hunger Games out of the water. One of the best movies I've seen in a long time. I just reviewed it. ;)


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