Spring Break 2012

3:29 PM

I felt like i need another spring break, mine was too short!
But anywho, here is a little recap of my wonderful spring break :)

Again i was HORRIBLE at taking pictures this past week. Forgive me. 

Friday - Went to my weekly lunch with some friends than traveled out to Florida country to have a BBQ with some more friends

Saturday - I don't remember what I did Saturday. Whoops. ;)

Sunday - Spent all day cooped up in the casa cause it was super rainy outside :(

Monday - When to an appointment and then headed off to work to do some cleaning and straightening up before I picked "little man" up from school

Tuesday - Slept in nicely then headed back to work to clean and enjoy my last day with "little man" before he goes on spring break for a week.

Wednesday - Ventured out to the springs with a dear friend to pre-tan before the beach the next day.



Gotta have good snacks at the beat :)


Pirates booty is essential ;) Like sunscreen :)


Friday - When to my weekly lunch again with my friends, had quite an adventure with our cars afterwords, then came home for a nice quiet evening at home.

Saturday - Spent the day at home then had a last minuet cook-out at mi casa to celebrate the end of Spring Break.

Like i said. I think i need another spring break! Or summer needs to get her quick!

Have you had your spring break yet? How was it?? :D 


  1. ahhh you're making me jealous! i want a nice spring break ;)


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