12:00 AM

I hate when we weekend goes by so fast :( it makes me wish for summer more and more now!

Friday - Didn't get home till 3am because of the midnight showing of the Hunger Games, but it was so worth it :)
then wen't to sleep hopeing i wouldn't have nightmares about trackerjakers.. again.. yes it has happened before.
Went to lunch then spent most of the afternoon working on my new lap top and getting everything situated :)
In the evening I crashed onto my futon. Exhaustion+ dehydration +no food within 7 hours = bad idea and spending the rest of the night laying on the futon re-hydrating.

Saturday - Went Canoeing with friends, quiet in adventure, especially when there are 3 girls in one canoe.


(photocredit to my friend CS)

Sunday -Relaxing day, study day, NASCAR day :) Typical Sunday :)


  1. YOU SEE

    You are one I wish I knew!
    You are one fantastic view!
    Some are wonders by God done.
    Definitely you are one.


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