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Top-Target / Skirt - Cotton On / Ring - LC by Lauren Conrad @ Kohls / Necklace - Gift from a friend / Shoes - Kino's (also gift from a friend)/  

Someone told me once that light blues bring out the color in your eye. I don't think it works for people with brown eyes like me.

 I actually forgot I had this top in my closet (happens all the time) and was kind of ify about pairing it with the black, I wasn't sure if it would look good, but i took a risk ( not a big one but i'm a small town girl so it is kind of a big one) and wore it nevertheless cause i like to be unique :)
Do you think it looks good?? :)


BTW this is such a girly post. I tend to have those moments.
Story of my life though.. I can be a total girl with characteristics of a tom boy.

For example. My nickname when we lived on the farm was "Grace Kelly" cause I would go out into the field with the horses and cows in a skirt, with muder boots. (if you don't know what muders are.. look them up ;))

To this day I still have those moments. True story, i was at a wedding and I could hear some guys talking about tebow behind me so I turned around and started joining their conversation about football, some of their faces when i started spitting out football terminology was funny.

Guess that's my superpower, i can go from super girly to tomboy faster then you can say Chanel! lol.


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