8:00 PM

Ok. Let it be stated. I am the WORST BLOGGER EVER!
Ok, maybe not the worst but still close.
I FORGOT ABOUT MY BLOGIVERSARY!!! Which was last Friday!!!

Oh my goodness people! I've been blogging for 3 years now! 3 years!
I can never say I haven't stuck or committed to anything for more than a year cause I've been blogging for 3 whole years!!! I mean that's pretty cool if I do say so myself.

I want to thank you guys for reading my blog and putting up with my randomness and sometimes meaningless posts, my posts of myself fangirling over the Hunger Games (mostly in Tumblr Thursdays),  about NASCAR, Mr.Tebow, and of course the posts you all enjoy the most, the ones about Jaxson and his adventures :)

I'd like to continue blogging for a while longer if you will let me? :) Hopefully when school dies down in the beginning of May I will be able to go back to more interesting posts. And I'd also like to spruce up the blog design a bit with some new photos... if i can get my sweet photography friend to take some.. *hint hint*

Sorry I was so disorganized this year and didn't get to put together a post full of fun giveaways for you, my awesome reader!
(but if you'd like to donate a giveaway in honor of my blogiversary feel free to shoot me a tweet or email ;) )

Thanks SO MUCH again you guys for your comments and support, you keep me bloggin!



  1. So glad you kept up with blogging so that I could find your blog today!! Love it! And you are gorgeous :)

  2. Love this!! I seriously love going back and reading my blog posts. So fun! Loving your blog!!


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