It's warm

12:00 AM

Dress - HandM : Jacket - Handmedown : Watch - Target : Bracelet - Mend Mark :
Shoes(which you can see) - Kinos from the Florida Keys :)

Most of you probably saw me complaining on twitter about how warm it was Wednesday and Thursday. It was! I mean. I can't remember the last time i could wear a dress in JANUARY! Goodness. Florida is weird.

Anyway. Here is a little Re-cap of the weekend :)
  • Doctors Appointment 
  • Found out I had tendinitis in my foot at my Dr.Appt. I was told to avoid wearing "flats". Um. Does the Dr. not know that is all I wear? Uh oh. :P
  • Chick-Fil-a yummyness with momma
  • Gym run with best friend :) Who BTW puts up with my complaining AT the gym by making me do more reps. Thanks.
  • Finished the "Mercy Fall" trilogy. Great books. Will have to write more about them later :)
  • Woke up with sore arms. Thanks "friend" 
  • Cleaned my room
  • Watched Finding Nemo the rest of Saturday afternoon
  • Got my Jesus on at church 
  • Enjoyed lots of laughs and yummy greek food with some of my friends 
  • Ate the most amazing homemade frozen yogurt. Nutella flavored. Yup you heard me right!
  • Relaxed on Sunday. Isn't that what your supposed to do?


  1. a new book series?! oooh need to check that one out!

  2. i'm in UTAH and this winter i think i've only worn my coat 2 or 3 times! It's crazy. Good news about you wearing a dress in January is it's super cute! :)

  3. oh and if i was told i had to avoid wearing flats, i would have zero shoes to wear. all i own are flats.


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