Friday Favorites

8:30 AM

(1) The Civil Wars - I KNOW, I'm super slow and am just NOW getting on The Civil Wars bandwagon. And I agree. They are amazing :) Below is one of my favorites :)

(2) My Colored Pen - I love this pen from Bic. I'm a very visual person so multicolored notes for school makes studying SO much more fun for me :)
As you can tell, simple things like pens, make me happy ;)

(3) This wedding dress - I may be still on wedding "high" since on of my best friends just got married but isn't this dress just stunning!

(4) The newEST hunger games still - I mean COME ON! How amazing is it! Peeta is just so freaking adorable and handsome and Katniss is just beautiful! I seriously can't not wait for the movie. March 2nd will mark a year since I became hooked on those amazing books. Seemes fitting since the movie is coming out weeks after that :)

BTW you might wanna check out Laurens post about this photo. I was LOL with laughter :)

Happy Friday Folks!


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