"Saturday" Favorites

12:00 AM

Cause our internet was down Friday and I didn't have time to do "Friday Favorites" ;)

The fact I'm ALL DONE school for the semester - I'm so happy :) I did pretty well in 2 of my 3 classes. The third one i finished today and haven't gotten the final grade so... we'll see :)


Cute cheep things from Target - Like these cards! Arn't they adorb!


"You're Here" by Francesca Battistelli Now I will admit i'm not a BIG fan of Francesca, but I LOVE this song.. Its so simple and profound :)

The Nightmare before Christmas - Now it may shock some of you that I've NEVER seen the Nightmare Before Christmas. I know it shocked most of my friends. I actully don't know why I had never watched it before because I am a fan of Tim Burtons work... I guess I'm just weird like that. But I did watch it and I did enjoy it :)

nightmare before christmas Pictures, Images and Photos

This shirt - It's so me isn't it :) lol


Source: tumblr.com via Samantha on Pinterest

Sorry for being so M.I.A this week. Its been a crazy week :) But I promise I'll take the free time I have this weekend to stop by all your lovely blogs and say hiya! :D

BTW If you ever are wondering where I am or what I'm up too. Twitter is THE best possible way to catch up :) Just clickity here to find my twitter :)


  1. love that shirt - thinking to get it for my dad and ryan for christmas! (sssh!) and i have never seen Nightmare Before Christmas either and i'm a huge fan of tim burton. guess i'm weird too ;)

  2. love that shirt! like seriously i love it. so awesome!

  3. awww i like me some nightmare before christmas.

  4. dude, that shirt is amazing. i want one! ;)


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