Lets see

8:00 AM

Let see how I did on my 2011 goals ;)

  • Eat healthy, stay somewhat gluten free (which i've kind lacked on these past couple months) - I think I did this one pretty well.
  • Try new food - Had sushi for the first time the other night :) Yay for California Rolls :) 
  • Cook more -Eh, not really. 
  • Complain less -Maybe
  • Get a part time job (yup, i know, good luck with that ;) ) - Yeppers! I'm now a part time nanny!
  • Sign up for Community College in the fall - Done!
  • do well on the ACT - I did pretty well if I do say so myself ;)
  • Go to a NFL football game - Nope, maybe next year
  • Travel - Not really
  • Go to the beach more - I did go more this summer than I have in the past. Mostly cause I can drive now;)
  • Take more pictures - I was doing well, till my lens broke
  • Graduate ;) - Which I did. Go me! :D
  • Fly ..... In a plane.. .again.. lol - Not this year, but fo sure in a couple weeks!
  • Be more consistent in my Yoga - I was till about summer time...
  • Be more organized! - I think I have become more though my mom probably would beg to differ
  • Be happy at all times - Yea. Not ALL the time.

Well I think I did pretty well. What do you think?

I need to come up with a new list for this next year. Got any suggestion??

Hope you all have a great,safe,and blessed new years!
Happy New Years Everybody!


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