I'm Ready

12:00 AM

I'm Ready for this school semester to be OVER!

I'm ready to turn in my research paper.
I'm ready to take my final psych test
I'm ready to take my 2 final test's in math.

I'm SO READY to take a WHOLE month off of school :) So ready!

I'm also ready to get back to wearing jeans again..


BTW - This photo may be sideways...  sorry... ;p
Jeans: Wet Seal - Boots: Thrifted - Shirt: Papaya

Cause apparently Florida didn't get the memo that it's supposed to be cold in December...

I am also ready to lots of sleep :)

How bought you? Are you surviving your last week(s) of school? Are you one of the lucky ones that this week is your last week?


  1. oh i am SO ready to be done with school, but this semester in particular. it hasn't been the greatest :/ BUT! i'm free on Monday, so imma gonna partay!

  2. ahh i'm so ready to be done! my finales are this coming week as well! :P good luck!

    also, why can't you wear jeans....?


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