He thinks....

12:00 AM

He. Refering to Jaxson our dog.
Lately. He's been pretty naughty. You'd think since "Santa" brings him a bone every year he'd be more nice seeing that Christmas is right around the corner.


Just so you know. Jaxson is NOT aloud on some of the couches in our house. He sheds like crazy and so we try to keep him from sleeping and napping on the couch.
(unless its REALLY cold and we need some extra warmth ;) )

But latley, hes been testing the waters and napping on the couches. and i have proof...

Here he is on my futon yesterday.


The den couch in the morning.


And lastly the living room couch which he is NEVER EVER EVER aloud on.


"Santa" is seriously considering not giving him a bone this year.
If only he wasn't so darn cute it would be an easier decision ;)

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