Friday Favorites

12:00 AM

Gluten free "oreos" - um.. YUM!

 Laurens Giveaways - Lauren via Busy Bee Lauren is has some awesome sponsors with awesome stuff to giveaway! Check it out! 

Friday Funny - Tim Hawkins on Hand Raising Churches.

Michael Buble Christmas Special - Can't wait for this. Its on Tuesday @ 8pm on NBC


  1. Bahaha, I love the GIF of Michael! ;D

  2. love this! Those oreos look delicious! and thank you so much for the Tim Hawkins video. i now cannot stop watching him and i'm doubled over laughing. i needed this ;)

    much love♥

  3. i love everything about this post.
    tim hawkins is too. funny.
    i've entered Lauren's giveaway and will DIE if i don't win. i just love the hunger games SO MUCH! hey, are you team Peeta?! ::whispers"" plz say yes so we can fangirl about him ;)
    also, that GIF of Micheal is flippin' awesome.


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