The Dress

12:00 AM

The Christmas Eve dress. The dress of all dresses..

Well not really but I was SO Excited to wear this dress cause I bough it a month ago and have waited weeks to wear it :)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
(btw I will eventually fix the sideways photo problem)
Dress- LC from Kohls : Sweater-Mom ;) : Shoes-Payless

I have some better pics to come :)

I love this dress by LC from Kohls. Even though I forgot to throw it in the wash to shrink it a little ;p I still adore it and the style :D

Oh and if you haven't noticed already.. we haven't gotten our Nikon lens fixed.. Were working on it :) Thanks for putting up with my ipod camera :)

Hope you all had an amazing a blessed christmas :)


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