Happy Halloween!

12:00 AM

Happy Halloween everybody!

What did I do this weekend??

I carved a "Redneck pumkin"
(he lost a tooth in carving procces)

Photobucket Photobucket

Watched Pride and Prejudice while all snugly in my bed
(trust me i don't have this tv in front of my bed all the time.. sis and i move it back and forth between our rooms..)

Photobucket Photobucket

Found out Jaxson isn't much fun to photograph anymore


Wished my hair would looks like this non-wet....


Watch Tim play his heart out.. sadly they lost... ( well as i'm writing this they are losing)
Just saying.. Denver's offense sucks.. its not all tebows fault!!!....
ok i'm done venting..

Can't wait to show you my costume :) I had to change last minuet but its gonna be amazing :)
I'm gonna try to get "little man" to take some pictures of me before our big Halloween extravaganza ;)  
(hears hopeing ;o )

Hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween!!


  1. Yay for Tebow. I know they lost, but still. I love him.

    Cute pumpkin.

    Happy Halloween...


  2. i hate that Denver stinks. Tebow deserves better, hahaha!


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