Friday Favorites

6:06 PM

Favorite wanna own geek item - Isn't this sweater the bomb!!!

Favorite blog - Disney Bound - This girl is amamzing! She takes disney charaters and make's outfits inspired by them! Isn't that cool! Be sure to check out her blog/tumblr here

Favorite "Coming Soon" - Michael Bubles christmas album. I can already see my mom and me listening to this all season long come december!
(santa baby is my favorite so far ;) )


  1. cannot wait for michael buble's christmas album!

  2. Looove Michael Bubble! I have an older Christmas album by him and I'm anxious for this new one.
    That sweater is awesome!!

  3. LLOOOVVEEING the WW sweater! and the disney bound! so neat! also <3 Michael B.


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