Friday Favorites

11:38 PM

(1) Reading some Jane Austen on the school campus - Now that is cool enough out, i love to read between classes at one of the tables on campus :) its so nice and who doesn't like a little Jane Austen in their day:D
(BTW if  you are wondering, I am reading Persuasion ;) ) 
(2) Pirates Booty - This is now my favorite food for snacking. I usally don't splurg on snacks like this but they are gluten free, taste good, and decently priced which I LOVE!
(3) This idea for jars - I wanna do this! its so cool! it'll look amazing in my room :)All you need is twine, spray paint, and jars ;)

(4) Fun Halloween ideas - Love these :D

Source: via Misty on Pinterest

Can't wait to see your Friday favorites!


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