The Booty

12:00 AM

A couple weeks ago in my friday favorites. I mentioned my love for a snack called Pirate Booty :)

Well, I kind of want to talk about it some more.. because its that good.
Its all i eat... not really, but its a majority of what I eat on the weekend ;)

BUT don't worry. I'm not going to ramble on and on and on. My friend (who is also addicted to Pirate Booty) and I made a fun little video for you guys! Telling you why we LOVE Pirate Booty so much :)

(btw, keep an eye on jaxson, he just stares at the bag half of the time in the video.. its quiet funny:) ) 

Props up to my friend Jeanette because watching the video back I realized she did 10x better than I did! Lol.

You should all leave her sweet comments below telling her how awesome she did!
And if you liked her in my videos, let me know, I know we had fun making it and probably would do it again... maybe... :)

Thanks again to Pirate Brands for sending me such amazing stuff and thank for making such a great product!!! 
You guys are amazing!


  1. Haha, I love this video AND Pirate's Booty. I get those huge bags at Costco. :D

  2. haha nice. i wanna see if i can find some of that! looks yummy!


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