Go Big - Book Review

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Its about time I do another book review! I've been slaking!

Go Big by Cory Cotton 

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7 x 8 
September 2011 

It began with a free sandwich, a simple camera, and twenty “I can do better than you” shots. From that afternoon of friendly competition, six college guys created Dude Perfect, a YouTube group that specializes in the craziest basketball shots you can imagine. Within months, the guys went from shooting backyard trick shots to starring in GMC truck commercials and standing on an L.A. Red Carpet. Listed by Advertising Age as one of YouTube’s Hottest Brands, Dude Perfect’s videos have reached and inspired hundreds of millions with one contagious message—the very phrase they championed from day one—Go Big. By leveraging the connected world, Dude Perfect’s dream became a reality, and now, they want the same for you. Written by one of the dudes himself, Go Big tells their story and unveils their secret: five practical principles for taking your passions, skills, and dreams to the next level. Are you ready to Go Big?


My Little Review
I love books that encourage young people to do the unexpected when it comes to their dreams and passions. Go Big, is just that. These guys took a simple idea and turned it into something worth wild, and they enourage all of us young people to do the same. 

If your a fan of "Do Hard Things" and amazing basketball shots ;) you'll love this book!!!! I did :) 

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  1. oooh Very cool. definitely checking this out, what an inspiring idea! I wish I were that creative!

  2. that sounds like such an interesting book!! i just might have to give it a try :)


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