Friday Favorites

12:11 AM

(1) Cute costumes for Halloween :) I already have an idea of what (or who) i'm gonna be for Halloween. But i still love looking at ideas. :)

This just makes me laugh ;)

(2) The casual but cute look. This is so me.

Source: via Danne on Pinterest

(3) Beanies!!! It needs to cool down so i can wear some :)

(4) Spotify - I love this. You can download it here.
Hook it up to your FB and Twitter and share what songs your listening to! I love to share what i'm listening with you all :) Let me know if you hook up and I'll be sure to follow and see what your listening too!


  1. I just got spotify too! I'm not too sure if I like it or not yet? It kinda just seems the same as grooveshark?? Am I missing something?

  2. that second look is AMAZING! i must recreate it soon.

  3. cte outfits! and that tee shirt almost made me die. i la, la, love it! :D
    i'm so happy to be your 100th follower! yay me! :)


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