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Rearranged - again

12:00 AM

Yup. You read correctly. I rearranged my room.... again....
Trust me. I don't do it this often. I just didn't like how my futon was cramped up in the corner of my room.
So.. my futon is where my bed used to be and my bed is where my futon used to be :)

I was also inspired by Carlotta to make my own pin bored.
its still a work in progress but I like it :)


Hows your August treating you so far?
Been getting the itch to go back to school yet?
I know I'm ready to get back into a normal schedule :)

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  1. Oh, I love it! I'm in the process of redoing my but also a bit labor intensive :)

  2. Love the real-life pin board :) I remember the Mr. Darcy one from pinterest :)

  3. oh i love it! Your futon is the cutest futon I've ever seen! Your room is super cool, and I love the Darcy quote thing :)

  4. oh yes, a room change will happen once school starts...i ususally do it every couple of seasons, LOL!

  5. Your room is adorable! I always wanted a top floor/slanted ceiling room:-) xoxo

  6. I love having my bed up in a corner for some reason, haha! I love your room, so cute. :3


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