Friday Favorites

12:00 AM

(1) This Mug - I know I post about mugs a lot, cause i drink tea and coffee a lot. But I REALLY wanted to share with you this one. I want it so bad. I might just have to order it ;)
Cause its so true.

Source: via Samantha on Pinterest

(2) Divergent by Veronica Roth - I JUST recently finished reading this book and LOVED it. The story line is great and I couldn't put the book down and in my view, if you can't put a book down. Its good :)
Divergent Pictures, Images and Photos

(3)The Tangled Soundtrack. If you didn't know already. Tangled is now one of my top favorite movies. I just love it so much. I'm a sucker for a cute princess movie. So its no new news that I listen (and have been listening to the soundtrack). Again. I just love it so much :) That and I think Zachary Levi is pretty awesome ;)


  1. ohmygoodness, i could listen to that song/watch that scene LOVE <3 and Zachary Levi singing? ::swoon:: ;)

  2. i love tangled!!!!! i just saw it like a week ago. haha i really only use redbox so that's i so late to all the cute movies! ;)

    God bless! :)

  3. wow i left out two words in the comment. "why" and "am" haha. hope you understand!!! ;)


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