No, I'm not sad.

12:00 AM

Yes, I maybe in an all black outfit but I'm FAR from being sad :D

Just a little cute outfit i put together for church this week :D


Top - Cotton On -
Leggins - Forever 21
Flats - H&M
Necklace - Gift

My doggie is a trip, he just HAD to get in my shot!

Needless to say it made for a funny photo ;)

So READERS :) I wanna hear from you! Yes YOU!
I ador this blog and wanna keep it but I need ideas for fun and interesting post's! That means I wanna here ideas from the people who make me to want to continue to blog!

What do you wanna see more of on this blog?
  • Fashion Post's
  • Random Fun/Find Post's (such as Friday favorites)
  • Just Me - Post's about my life and funny stuff that happens or had happened -
  • Vlog's
  • Book, Music, Movie, and Blog finds
  • Post's about Jaxson ;)
  • Post's with more photos - "Dang Samantha, carry your camera around some more would you!" lol
Leave me a comment with what you'd like to see more of!

style="text-align: center;">And if you have any ideas that you don't see above! PLEASE feel free to leave a comment below :D

Thanks in advance for your feedback!


  1. fashiomni say FASHION simply because I like your style! you have a very cute dog! :)


  2. "Just Me - Post's about my life and funny stuff that happens or had happened"
    I love reading about what happens in others life. Through that I find fun things to try, laid back fashion and just funny things that make me laugh! :)
    I love your blog!!



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