The Desk

12:00 AM


My desk, my workspace, blog headquarters and social networking hub.

I love this little desk :) its holds A LOT.
Especially a lot of my crap.
Ok its not all crap but i could throw away somethings.


  • Thank you notes that need to get sent out and organized
  • Yummy GF,organic candy! With a random bobby pin ( i TRYED TO RATED this pictures in picnik like 20 thousand times and it didn't work)
  • Nail polish that need to be shaken up and used :) I'm thinking pink finger nails!
  • Mi ipod which NEVER leaves my side. And ew, i don't know what that spot is from but I am going to get some Windex and clean it off now!
Whats your desk like! I wanna see! Link up in the comments below if you shared about your desk on your blog!


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