12:00 AM

Ready for something EPIC!
How about a awesome vlog with Samantha from Simply Samantha
and Kinsey from SoulBacon!


Thanks to Vodburner we are going to start doing vlog for you wonderful people!


As you can see its a work in progress...
I learned my webcam isn't the greatest and that i need to sit still.

Anywho! We need ideas!!

First. We need a title for these vlogs! If you have an idea. Please post in the comment below.

Plusssss we'd love for your guys to send us in questions or ideas to talk about in the vlogs!
SO you can send in your questions via my blog here.
And send in your ideas below in your comment on this post!

Also here are the links to the blogs that were our favorites :)


  1. i loved it!! you two are so darn adorable and fun! I'm not very creative when it comes to naming things either! so I can't help you there! ;P

    can't wait for more vlogs from you lovelies!


  2. Loved it! I was so looking forward to that and it is epic! Can't wait to see more :)

    Sorry, I'm bad at names too :(

    ps to kinsey: Don't chew gum next time...just saying ;)


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