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A new favorite

12:00 AM

This shirt.


You can see why :)
(if you can't figure it out why.. the symbol on my shirt is the symbol of the hunger games books)


Isn't is great! I was so thrilled when i saw it at the mall yesterday! My friend laughed as i had a fan girl moment in the middle of one of the stores.

BY THE WAY. Thanks to Mrs.Lauren over at Busy Bee Lauren. I found about some hopeful's for the 2 males leads in the Hunger Games. Be sure to go over and check them out if your into the hunger games!

BTW. Thanks for putting up with my hunger game "fan girl moment" blog post. I PROMISE I wont be posting about the books often :)

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  1. Yay for Hunger Games!! Love the shirt! :)

  2. haha! Love the shirt, it's beyond awesome. =D

  3. Loved the fan girl moment! :)

  4. Just HAD to say hello to a fellow Samantha! Represent. :) following!

  5. SWEET! I love Hunger Games! Love your shirt, I need to get one!

  6. hahaha these pics are adorable! too cute :) but then again, i suppose us samantha's just can't help it, right? right.


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