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MIA! ....well, for a little while

1:58 PM

Hey everybody!
Just letting you know that I'm gonna be MIA this weekend.
and that mean no wifi for a couple days :(

Anywho, hopefully we'll get hooked up to the internet sometime monday just in time for my

Untill then I'll be making sure to spend my last moments with wifi checking out your blogs and commenting!

I'll try to tweet as much as possible and be on my facebook too :)

You can follow me twitter or like my FB page by clicking the beautiful buttons over here ->

Can't wait to get back so I can update you our moving adventures!

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  1. Sounds exciting! Have a nice moving time ;)
    I'll see you around Twitter...

  2. hope the moving goes smoothly! and so sorry about not emailing you back about the giveaway. been busy :/ I will do that tonight though! :)

    much love♥

  3. Hope everything goes smoothly and well!! ♥ xo.

  4. Moving can either be fun or blah... I hope you have a fun time. ;)

  5. Thanks everybody! You guys are so sweet! It should go smoothly :D hopefully :)

  6. ugh! moving is the worst. i'm exhausted just from thinking of moving. good luck with it though!

  7. Your blog is adorable! :) I really love it. Keep up the great work.

    Bleah Briann @ blonde4christ.blogspot.com


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