I'm back!

12:35 PM

I'm back!
Finally got our internet back up and working in our new house!

The move with smoothly PTL! I guess after doing it a "couple" of times, you get the hang of it.

Thanks for all your sweet comments wishing us a smooth and uneventful move!

Now, I bet your DIEING to see my room. Well here it is...


I like the barn wood, its beautiful, but not what I would chose to have on my walls in my bedroom. Dad said in a couple months after we get some other things taken care of, we can take it down and put drywall up. Yippee!

I’ll most likely go back to my vintage theme I had in our other house. It’s just simple and clean.. Like me… well.. maybe not the clean part… I had to clean my room before I took the picture above.. it was a nightmare..

I would show you our new bathroom but...
(1) It looks like something blew up in there with the amount of stuff on the counters and boxes on the floor
(2) The wallpaper is dizzying. No lie. I got dizzy looking at it the other day.

Don’t forget you can keep up with all our cute bungalow happenings here on the blog my mom created!

AND keep tuned because Wednesday is my blogiversary! It’s going to be a week-long celebration with some fun blog interviews with my blog friends and great giveaway at the end!

I forgot! I wanna to do a Q&A sometime this week or this weekend! So send in your questions by clicking the Q&A tap above!!!


  1. Your room is ADORABLE! Glad to hear you are getting settled in.


  2. Love your new room! Very cool =]
    Have fun unpacking! I know how that goes. I've done it SOOO much in my life time ;D


  3. oh i want to master the art of moving. :) wow your room is so spacious.

  4. Wow, you have the cutest room ever! I love it!

    PS. I just found your blog - started following right away :)♥

  5. OMD, LOVE that room! So cute. Seriously. =D xo.

  6. This is NOT your room. *Jaw drops* It's AMAZING! I would LOVE a room like this! I love the wood and the shape of the room. So unique and so much character! Love it much! Did you take the wood down already? Too funny that you cleaned up your room just to take this picture lol

  7. Your new room is huge! I bet you love having all that room. :)

    Can't wait for your blog birthday celebration! I know it's going to be super fun. :)


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