Friday Favorite's

12:00 AM

(1) Adele. She is always on my ipod at the moment :D Such a beautiful voice and amazing songs! Be sure to check her out! 2 of her songs are on my playlist over here ------>

(2) The Hunger Games - If you haven't noticed via my twitter. Thanks to ilene from Much Love illy, i am now ADDICTED to these books. They are AMAZING. I finished the last 2 book in 2 days. Yup. That's borderline obsessive.
After I finished all 3 books i texted my friend and said "Now I know how twilighters feel" ;p

I heard that they are working on the movie right now and I've read Alex Pettyfer is up for the male lead. Um heck ya! :) sorry... had a girl moment...


(3) Don't You (Forget about me) covered by David Cook - One of my favorite songs to dance around to now! I know my mom is having flashbacks to her middle school/high school days every-time she hears it blaring from my bedroom :)


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  1. i have done 2 out of 3..adele and hunger games FTW! have you heard about the lead girl in the book? it's now official that it'll be the girl from Winter's Bone.

  2. I love Hunger Games!! They actually JUST cast Katniss!! I'm not exactly 100% happy with the girl they chose, (she's blonde!) but I guess we'll just have to wait and see how the movie is!

  3. Love david cook's song. :)

    dejoiss ♥


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