Blogiversary Q&A

12:00 AM

Did a fun little Blogiversary Q&A for you guys :)

I had fun answering all your questions and its a little long this time because I decided that I'd anwser the random questions I'd been asking my blog friends all week during the interviews ;)


Oh and at the minuet 9:33 the questions was "Who would me dream date be" i don't know why but my computer cut it off :(.


  1. I love this Q&A. Probably your best Q&A so far! Love it!

    My favorite thing about spring is the weather and everything starts to live again. I missed green grass...

    And my dream date? I have no idea. I can't think of any actors or other celebrities. So the answer is: My dream date is the guy I'm going to marry one day :)

  2. hahaha! Oh my god, the best part was the "too much pizza". SO funny. Loved the Q&A video!

    My favorite thing about spring is simply all the sunshine!! I love sunshine, and around here we get windy days also.. and I LOVE windy days. =)

  3. hahaha. LOVED this Q&A! Its probably my favorite so far :D haha "Too much pizza". Hilarious. I'm gonna use that it a post sometime and give you a shout out for it. lol

    My favorite thing about spring is that its sunny and its warm and the grass starts turning green again! You're lucky winters aren't so cold there! Iowa has horribly cold winters!

  4. Haha! I loved your vlog! James Dean as a dream date... Omigosh yes!! :)

  5. i become obsessed with the hunger games too! they're good.


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