Blogiversary Giveaway!

12:00 AM

First I wanna thank you guys SOOO MUCH for celebrating my blogiversary all this week with me, and for leaving super fun comments on all my posts and interviews :D

Anywho.. To the giveaway!

You can win 1 of 2 prizes from 2 of my great blog friends!

First of is a $10 etsy store credit from my good friend Annie over at Wattlebird!
Her shop is SUPER adorb and I love the hats she makes!

I actually did a review for her a couple weeks back so be sure to watch it because to enter you need to anwser a question that involves the video :)

The 2nd prize is a $15 gift card to the GREATEST STORE ON EARTH. Forever 21

Forever 21 Pictures, Images and Photos
from Marissa over at Samarah Sayings! This girl is amazing! Be sure to go check her blog out here :D

Wanna enter!
Here's watcha gotta do.

Mandatory entry so keep it all in one comment.

-Must be a follower of Simply Samantha-
-Visit Annies Wattlebird shop and tell me your favorite item there -
-Watch the review and tell me the name of the hat that i reviewed :) -

Extra Entry's -
(each counts as one entry. please leave a separate comment for each)
-Like my facebook page or follow me on twitter (one or the other, not both)-
-Follow Annie and/or Smarah's blog -
-Heart/favorite Annie's shop -
-follow Smarah on twitter-
-tweet this giveaway.
Be sure to use @SimplySamanthaC, @AnnieHP and @ in the tweet :D -

Open to U.S residents only

Giveaway ends March 22nd so be sure to enter right away!


  1. Love this giveaway! Oh, and happy blogiversary to Simply Samantha!

    Okay, so to enter:

    1. Of course, I follow Simply Samantha

    2. Gah! I love all of Annie's things:) But my favorite is the Red Slouchy Hat. I can so see myself wearing that all the time:)

    3. And you review the wattlebear hat in the review video. Btw, that hat is ADORABLE on you:)

  2. ...I follow Annie and Samarah...

  3. ...I added Annie's shop to my favs...

  4. Ha! Omg! Awesome giveaways. =D

    ♥I am follower.. of course.
    ♥I ADORE that Houndstooth Felt Pouch! ha! SO cute.
    ♥Mkayy, so, you reviewed the wattlebear hat! =)


  5. I liked your facebook page! =) xo.

  6. I follow Annie's blog & Samarah's!! =)

  7. I follow Samarah on Twittah! =)

  8. I follow Simply Samantha and my favorite item from Wattlebird Shop was the SOCK MONKEY HAT (OMG, I LOVE SOCK MONKIES) or the lacey bows for your hair! For the video, I don't have any speakers. :( So I don't know the name of the hat... I hope it's alright.

  9. Happy Blogiversary Samantha! :D Well here's my entry!

    ~Of course I follow Simply Samantha! :)
    ~My favorite item would be the blueberry slouchy hat! SO cute!! (But I pretty much love everything in that shop! :P)
    ~And you review the wattlebear hat in the video. :)

  10. I follow both Annie and Samarah! :)

  11. I follow!I love the slouchy hats! sooo cute. And you are wearing the wattlebear hat. (and it looks adorable on you.) :]

  12. love it!

    i follow you:)
    my favorite item is definitely these cute hair bows!
    and you reviewed the wattlebear hat.

  13. How have I not entered already? *shame* Oh well!

    Of course, I am following you!
    My favorite Wattlebird item is the Lacey Bow Hairpin. Soo cute!
    And the adorable hat you reviewed is the Wattlebear Hat. :)

  14. I am following Samarah's lovely blog. :)

  15. And I am following Samarah on Twitter. :)

  16. Wow! This is a great giveaway, Samantha! I'm glad I can still enter. :)

    Okay, I am a follower of your lovely blog! My favorite Wattlebird item is the Reversible Tote in Raspberry & Chocolate/Birds. (She has some very neat items, so it was hard to pick my favorite.) And the name of the hat that you reviewed was the Roger the Bear Hat. :)

    Thanks, Samantha! Congrats on your blogiversary! :)

    Emily N.

  17. I also follow you and Smarah on Twitter.

  18. Way cool giveaway (:
    I follow you!
    I love her: Brown Bow Hat! SO cute! (:
    And you reviewed roger the bear hat.

  19. I follow samarah on twitter! (at least I requested)


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