Saturday Shootout

9:00 AM

Gosh, Saturday was a busy one.

1st I had to get up early and go sit in a classroom for 5 hours and take a test just to show colleges how smart I am (or how smart i'm not ;) ).

Then, I came home for about an hour and then took off with my dad towards Daytona to spend all day at the track!

It was a blast though, but once the sun went down it got COLD! .....Burr..

But of course this is how i kept warm : )


Yes, I was the only one watching the race with a starbucks cup in my hand. :)
Thats how I roll :)


  1. Starbucks freaking rocks!! =D


  2. Sounds like you had a busy day!
    Ah! Starbucks! Everyone is cool when they have a starbucks in their hand!!
    Hope you did well on your test!



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