Miscellany Monday

12:26 PM

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

(1) I am exhausted! I spent ALLL day at Disney World with some friends yesterday and I'm pooped!

(2) I didn't talk more then a couple photos at Disney yesterday. I was having to much fun to dive into my bag and find my camera. ;)

(3) And yes, because I was at disney yesterday. I missed the Superbowl and all the fun commercials :( But I did see this one online and it makes me laugh every time ;)

Sorry this is a little short miscellany monday ;) Like I said I'm tired. But don't worry i'll be spending my extra time today reading your lovely blogs!


  1. Glad you have fun! :]

    That was SUCH a cute commercial. Another of my faves was the Bud Light Torpedo Cooler commercial, or maybe it was another brand of beer? Huh. Either way it was HILARIOUS! =D


  2. Happy to hear you had so much fun! :) I loved that commercial, it was simply perfect. :)

  3. ♥haha! so cute! :D


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