Hair Days

10:26 AM

Don't you hate those days. When you can't decide WHAT to do with your hair.


Wait. I'm probably the only one with this problem.


Yup. I'm having one of those days. Curly hair, straight hair, hair up, hair down.

Being a girl get's annoying sometimes, doesn't it?


  1. Oh girl. most days I just throw it up in a bun. hahaha

  2. It get annoying. I do one of three things: I straighten it, I throw it up in a pony, or I just let it be. I'm pretty sure my head is close to being bored to death. haha!

  3. right there with ya girl!! My hair has a mind of its own! sometimes I get soo frustrated with it :/ I usually throw it up in a bun and then no one can tell that its a mess ! haha ;) and thanks for putting my button under your awesome people tab ;)

    by the way, you are gorgeous!

    much love,

  4. Oh jeez I am with you alllll the way! My hair is actually super tough to work with as it is so dang thick! Now days I'm just blowdrying it and letting it do what it wants or pulling it up and fixing my bangs. The last one has actually become me look for now. Haha! Oh well. ;]


  5. you still looks adorable, lovely! And yes, i hate that bad-hair-day thing! Haha! I always wish I have straight hair so I'd just let it down and flow flow flow. But now, I'm embracing my waves. Wahaha! :)

  6. hahah - girl, i'm right there with you. stinks that boys can take 2 min showers - but then i end up showering for 15 min and then blowing my hair for hours (not really, but you get the idea!) ;)


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