Friday Favorites

3:31 PM

So, as I was writing this post, i noticed it had a theme.. Men...
Now. I AM NOT OBSESSED with men. Let me make that point
I just like to admire "Gods Creation" ;)

Now, please read on :)

(1) Julian Smith and his amazingly funny videos. Plus he was homeschooled!
See, homeschoolers are cool ;)

(2) Mike Posner and Bruno Mars. Their songs are being played all the time on me ipod at the moment ;)

Mike Posner @ The Mod Club


(3) Channing Tatum. Enough Said.
Dear John Movie Still

Oh! and don't forget to check out part 2 of whats been going with my family here in the Sunshine State on my moms blog here


  1. haha I love it! admiring "God's Creation"!! you are so funny ;]

    much love,

  2. hahaha! Love it!


  3. i think i'm obsessed with Bruno Mars' songs too :)

  4. ahahah admiring "God's Creation". LOL. That made me laugh. And your comment on my blog made me laugh as well.
    Ever seen "She's the man" ? I know you'd love it =D lol



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