Question Time

11:07 AM

For those who don't know. I recently put on my Q&A page that if you would like me to answer your question but don't want to wait for the next vlog, I'd be more then happy the answer it for you in a post.

So, Miss.Maggie over at Bliss recently asked me a question ~

Hey Samantha!

I checked out your Reviews page on your link bar and I was amazed at how many beauty products and puppy dog treats you have reviewed. I was just wondering, how where you able to review these products? Did they contact you or did you send them an e-mail because those are HUGE companies. :-)

Thats a great question Maggie. I actually get asked this quiet often.

Most of the companies I have reviewed for I have contacted myself via email.
I would send them a nice person email telling them that I would be willing to provide free publicity for their products.

My advice if you want to start doing reviews. Start out small. I spent hours during the summer just emailing small online companies asking if they would be interested in letting me review some of their products.

Find out what you like to review. I enjoy reviewing just about anything but for some reason all natural dog products are the reviews I end up doing. Which is okie dokie because I love doing them with my dog ;)

Also don't let rejection emails get you down. Its hard for companies to send out products now because of these hard economic times.

Hopefully that helped :)

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  1. Very cool! I had been wondering the same thing but I kept on forgetting to ask ya. =)

    xo. kf.


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