Its a deal

10:31 AM

So, I don't know what it is, but I hate to pay full price for things.

I know, its sad. But really, I live on clearance racks and half off deals.
Even when it comes to music.

So I was THRILLED to see Lee Dewyze's new album for $3.99 on amazon Mp3!
I loved him on American Idol and just never got around to buying his new album, until now. ;)

Lee DeWyze Album Cover!! Pictures, Images and Photos

He's got an awesome "Jack Johnson" vibe on this album.

Click here to see his album on Amazon Mp3.

Below is my favorite song on the album on the cd so far :)


  1. i heard one of his songs on pandora and loooved it! =)

  2. Hey Samantha! I saw your comment on my blog- about the iTouch blogger. I just wanted to let you know that it's not an actual "app". You can search it up on Safari and then add it as a Bookmark so it's easy to get to. Hope that helps :).
    -Danielle {}


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