Friday Favorites

9:22 AM

1. Heat. GOSH, its been so dang cold around here.
And yes for those NON believers, it gets VERY cold in Florida.
I have a new appreciation for heat. Especially since there in NON of it in my room. On days like these you'll find me in my moms room since its the warmest in the entire house..

2. My dog, even though he snores ;)

3. Can't Help Falling in Love - Cover by Ingrid Michaelson. Love the cover of this song! So beautiful! :)


  1. haha! it's freezing cold here too. jeez, you're dog is just such a cutie pie. ♥

    love, love ingrid michaelson and her amazing music. she has such a lovely voice. ♥

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  3. I need a fire to warm up. I was thinking about setting some furniture on fire, but I think that would make my parents really, really mad. ;)

  4. Love the picture of your dog :)

    I'm so glad that it isn't that cold anymore here in Austria. There's only a bit snow left and it feels like spring. I already kicked my winter boots in the corner and put on converse :D
    I hope it soon gets warmer in Florida...


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