2011 goals

1:55 PM

Below are some goals I've been thinking about completing in this upcoming year :)
Some may get accomplish and some may not. But that's ok with me :)

  • Eat healthy, stay somewhat gluten free (which i've kind lacked on these past couple months)
  • Try new food
  • Cook more
  • Complain less
  • Get a part time job (yup, i know, good luck with that ;) )
  • Sign up for Community College in the fall
  • do well on the ACT
  • Go to a NFL football game
  • Travel
  • Go to the beach more
  • Take more pictures
  • Graduate ;)
  • Fly ..... In a plane.. .again.. lol
  • Be more consistent in my Yoga
  • Be more organized!
  • Be happy at all times

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  1. I always thought it would be cool to eat gluten-free! I am so with you on the complaining less and the being happy at all times, I really need to do both. Ahh, graduate! I was just thinking this morning how crazy it is that I'll be graduating in just 2 years now! Time is flying so fast. Good luck with your ACT whenever you take it. =D

  2. I'm going gluten free too! I had done it a few months ago but I had slacked off ;) I felt much better when I was doing it and because of my headaches and how serious they have gotten I decided that it would be best to go gluten free. Finding GF food that tastes good is sometimes hard but maybe when we could share recipes if we find some we like :) I'm also working out every other day and that is feeling great!
    I hope you get the opportunity to go to a NFL game! :) Its such an exciting experience!
    Those are all great goals! Happy 2011 :-)

    with love,

  3. Happy New Year, Samantha!!

    I've been meaning to ask: Why do you try to eat GF?

  4. Happy 2011 to you too Samantha. :) Enjoy your list; it's awesome! I like your list of goals, I'm gonna be taking more pictures and am hoping to keep traveling as well. Yay for 2011!


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