Tuesday Thoughts

11:39 AM

Why? Why is it so hard for me to get into Christmas?


Every year I seem to get into Christmas later then most people.
Such as my sister. The day after Thanksgiving she is watching Christmas movies and unloading the Christmas boxes.
As for me. I'm in not in a rush like her to get Christmas started.
Don't get me wrong. I LOVE Christmas. And what its about. But I just seem to get into later the others.
Its probably because I'm all focused on school till Christmas break.
Or maybe its because I prefer to watch only Christmas movies once or twice a week.
What ever it is. I just seem to get into the Christmas spirit later then others.

Even though I'm a late Christmas Spirit bloomer, I love what Christmas is all about and celebrate is all month long. Especially this year. I've been helping like crazy in our children's church (which I love to do), so I'm getting to see the Christmas story through the eyes of kids. How cool is that! Its so uplifting and fun to see. Its amazing how simple and profound the story of Christ's birth is. That even a child can understand the importance of it!

I hope your all are having a amazing Christmas season! Whether you just getting into the spirit of it like me, or you've been celebrating if from the first day of December!



  1. The day after Thanksgiving I started listening to Christmas music. lol However, I don't think I've watched not one Christmas movie. I'm getting ready to, though. :]

    I love the idea of working with kids in the Childrens Church! That must be fun. I love how each kid has a different and unique personality, it's so cute. :]



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