Miscellany Monday

12:21 PM

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

(1) Presents - I'm ALMOST done shopping for christmas presents! Just a few little odds and end to get but I'm just about done! I feel so accomplished! However, almost all of our (my sister and I) gifts are already under the tree. I think my parents are teasing me and my sister by putting gifts out early and loving it :D.
Christmas presents Pictures, Images and Photos

(2)Pictures- I really need to take more pictures this christmas. I've really been slackin.
taking a picture, look at the camera lens. Pictures, Images and Photos
(by the way this is not me. Thank God for photobucket..lol)

(3) New Favorite - Store! - Cotton On - It just open in our mall and I love it! And was even cooler, some of the money from their clothing goes to help build schools in Africa! And the clothes are adorbe and greatly priced! Click here to see if one is near you!

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