It's cold

11:00 AM

Yup, for those who wont believe it. It gets cold in Florida. Now 50 degrees might not be cold for you but down south I think 50 degrees feels more like 30 because we aren't used it as much.
Now I was born up north so I know this is NOTHING compared to what some of you are getting. And I'm not complaining, its just not only cold outside , its FREEZING inside.

Our house can't seem to warm itself up. Especially my room in particular. Now I can adapt by layering sweaters and wearing fuzzy socks.

Jaxson. Not so much.

He looks for warmth.

He hardly EVER ask's to get up on the couch. but for the past couple days he's been jumping up and curling up with me.


I don't mind so much either. If we can accompany each other for warmth. That works for me:)


  1. Brr! I can barely walk outside here, it's in the twenties. Cold, cold, *cold*! I'm not much for this, I want to see some eighty degree weather. Haha. :)


  2. aww. stay warm over there. It is really cold here too. But it's nice and toasty indoors. Outside is a nightmare...

  3. ohh I would love 50 degree weather :) love your new template!

    stay warm ;)

    with love,

  4. It's cold in my house too! I just want to go back to bed and watch TV. :)

  5. What an awesome blog. And I would take 50 degrees any day in this winter(y) season. I always look here for inspiration. I love how you combine Jesus and blogging together. Keep up the lovely work.
    You are so talented! God bless you sweet girl! P.S. I hope you dont mind I added your button to my latest blog post:)!

  6. hehehe i've beat you all! ;) last night it was -14F when i left a church new year's party! brrr utah! stay warm:)


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