Tuesday Training

2:00 PM

Hey Everyone,

Are all of you already pre-paring for thanksgiving????!! We have. Mom just got back a little bit ago from the store with food for our yummy thanksgiving dinner. Can't wait to make some yummy greenbean casserole!

Also Friday is "black friday"! Shopping! Oh YA! I'm already researching some good deals for Christmas presents for the family! Can't wait for Friday to come.

I have only two classes off this week. So I got some extra time on my hands.

SOOOO instead of doing some fun stuff with my extra time, I've been focusing on getting my dogie back on a calm and submissive path.
Ya, sounds really important right.
There's been a lot of stuff going on lately and Jaxson's become a nervous willy nilly so the past 2 days I've been working on getting him back into a sumwhat calm and submissive state.
Dog Whisperer I am not, but hey, at lest I'm trying ;)



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