Three Dog Bakery Review

12:36 PM

My dog is a sucker for treats. Whoes dogs isn't??

As a loving dog owner I only want to give my dogie the best and most natural treats that aren't CRAZY expensive.

That's were Three Dogs Bakery comes in!
They make ALL NATURAL, oven baked treats for dogs and even cats!

Here's a little bit about the company -

It's really that simple. We love dogs, so we make the best all natural, oven-baked dog treats, pastries, and food. We select premium all natural ingredients and then oven bake them to perfection. We do NOT add chemicals, fillers, or refined sugars-only the best dog food for our companions! It's our way of helping your (and our) pets live a long, healthy, happy, tail-wagging life. In fact, this is why dogs love us!

Isn't that great!

The lovely people over at Three Dog Bakery sent me and Jaxson some awesome Christmas time treats from their holiday collection!


As you can see he couldn't wait to get into them!!


The First is the Banana and Cranberry Holiday Duo Wafers!- $15.99

I got to say these are probably Jaxson's favorite. One, he loves bananas! And two they smell SOOO GOOD and satisfy his little tummy!
Their also great for big multiple dog home!

Next was the Begg-Nog (isn't that just cute!) Classic Square Wafer. - $7.99

I wasn't to sure if Jaxson would like these at first. Boy, was I wrong! He loved these too!
These would make a great gift for Christmas for a friend or coworker that might have a pup!

Lastly were these cute Miniature Snickerdoodles! - $6.99


I love these because they are easy to carry around in you pocket. I've been using them when people stop by our house and Jaxson's is nice, calm and submissive. Also, their great to give out to the neighborhood dogs. ;)
These are also a GREAT stocking stuffer for your dogie! Jaxson has a stocking so I think we know what he's getting for Christmas!

You know whats great about ALLL THESE TREATS!?

You can get them right at your local store! Like Walmart, Costco, Kroger, Walgreens, Hannafords and so many more stores!

Click here to learn more about Three Dogs Bakery and to see more of their wonderful products!
Also check out their Facebook and Twitter page!

Last but not lest here is my Video Review for Three Dog Bakery

Thanks SO Much to Three Dog Bakery for sending me these amazing natural dog treats!

Jaxson thanks you too!


  1. We love Three dogs!! And so do my dogs :))

  2. SO cute! i'll have to check these out for my dog! (she's got a stocking too! hehe)


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