Christmas Lights

11:37 AM

Oh the joys of getting the Christmas Tree lights out. Not.

Don't get me wrong, once they are on the tree their super pretty, but the process of getting on the tress is not so pretty.

I took it upon myself this year to put the lights on the tree. I sat for about an 45 minuets or so just trying to get the dang things untangled.


Then of course you have that one stand of lights that one half lights up then the other half dosen't.


After about an hour and a half, I finally got them all untangled and up on the tree.
Mission Accomplish!


Oh and before you go commenting on my Christmas tree lighting skills ;) I noticed its been forever since I've done a "Simply Samantha Q&A" sooooooooo......

Send in your fun Christmas questions for "Simply Samantha Q&A Christmas Edition"!
Just click on the Q&A button above and leave a comment with your question and name! Also don't forget you can send in a questions via twitter and facebook too!
I'll try to do one in the next couple of weeks, so you have plenty of time to think of some fun holiday questions!


  1. haha - that can be such a headache sometimes1

  2. Congratulations! You finally got it and you didn't gave up. I'm proud of you ;)

    Oh, and I will ask you something about christmas-ish...just have to think of something...hmmm...I LOVE your Q&As!
    And I want you to know, that I'm doing a QuestionMonth at the moment. Check out my blog and click at the Formspring box in the sidebar if you have some questions :)

  3. Oh, I know how that is! My sister and I had soo much trouble putting the lights on our tree over the weekend. Not fun! O_O But it's definitely worth it in the end. ;)


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