Book Review - Don't Kiss Him Goodbye

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Don't Kiss Him Goodbye
By Sandra Byrd
Price $6.99
Paperback: 256 pages

About the book
It was just a kiss. A simple kiss, a quick kiss, an innocent peck because they were saying good-bye and no one was watching. But someone was watching them—me. Not that I’d meant to. I didn’t know why the kiss troubled me, but it did. I hid it well, though. Or so I thought.
As Savvy Smith settles into her first year at a new high school in a new country, she discovers yet another new English tradition: the May Day Ball. And as luck would have it, everyone has a date to the dance . . . except Savvy. That is, until she meets a guy with a reputation for trouble. What will she do? Follow her heart? Follow the crowd? Or follow her own advice?
London Confidential: Where British fashion, friendships, and guys collide, and where an all-American girl learns to love life and live out her faith.

About the Series-
London Confidential is a new series for young girls. In the series, British fashion, friendships, and guys collide as an all-American teen girl learns to love life and live out her faith. The series follows Savvy's entertaining attempts to fit in during her first year at a new school in a new country.

About the Author

Best-selling author Sandra Byrd has published more than three dozen books in the Christian fiction and non-fiction market. Her newest series for young adults, London Confidential, debuted in April, 2010. Sandra also has a number of nonfiction titles available for women and tweens/teens.Several of Sandra's shorter works appear in periodical markets such as Today's Christian Woman(Kyria), Relevant, Clubhouse, Pockets, Decision, Susie, and Guideposts. For nearly a decade Sandra has shared her secrets with the many students she mentors through the Christian Writers Guild. Before turning to full-time writing, Sandra was an acquisitions editor in the ABA market. She lives in the Seattle, Washington, area with her husband and two children.

My Review
I've ALWAYS loved Sandra's books for teen girls. So I was SO excited to review this book for her!

I don't like christian teen books that are to much about romance. If that makes sense. I'd like books that have a tiny bit a romance but really focus on the girl of the story and her relationship with God. Sandra seems to have the balance. You get that "girl likes boy" romance but its not overpowering and you really connect with the main character.

I love "Don't Kiss Him Goodbye" because its a cute and unique story about a girl just trying to find her way in a new country. The characters are funny and relatable an the story is different and really grabs your attention.

I REALLY recommend this book for young tween/teen girls! And ANY of Sandra's books!

You can find all of Sandra's books here!


  1. Great review, even though I'm out of the "teen" stage, I still read a lot of those types of books!

  2. Cool! Sounds like a really good book and I agree with you, books that have a little romance but focus more on the girl and her relationship with God are best! :) Have a blessed day!


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