Wish Wednesday

6:04 PM

I really could use one of these

I'd like one of these. If ONLY I could afford Vera Wang.


And I think Jaxson needs a new friend :D
(no we didn't adopt this dog ...lol. but this is like the kind we are looking at :) )


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  1. Love, love, love that purse!!

  2. Oh, and I haven't seen 'Clueless' yet but I will definitely watch it soon. :)

  3. Hi sweetheart!!!! I could use a dayplannef too!!! Actually, I think I have about 3 of them, I need an assistant to fill them in for me. How sad is that??? lol
    Love that purse!!!
    You can keep the dog...tee he'd. Cute, but I couldn't handle another thing to take care of right now!! it cay! It was good to see your face!! Love ya!

  4. How terrible was my spelling??? That was supposed to say Oy Vay!

  5. AW!! That dog is sooo cute!! :) Have a great Thursday!! :) Stay blessed!

  6. aww! What an adorable puppy!!
    and I couldn't live without my planner :)


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