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My sweet blog friend Brittany wanted me to share my recipe for the Pasta Carbonara that I bragged about making on my twitter. So here it is darlin ;)

First off I acutely saw David Rocco on the Cooking Channel make it. I told my mom about it and she said she acutely knew how to make it( see even after living with them 24/7 you still learn new things about your parents everyday ). Its a tad different from Roccos version but still just as good. Over the weekend she talked me through how to make it and now its my new favorite dish to make!

First start off cooking a cup of your favorite pasta (by boiling water then adding it to the water and letting it cook for about 10-15 minuets). I suggest though sticking to a spaghetti or small form of pasta (such as shells or elbow). I used Gluten-Free Brown Rice Shell Pasta.


While you pasta is cooking. Make your Egg and cheese mixture.
Crack 1 small egg in a bowl. Mix it up. Then add some Parmesan cheese and mix it some more. As much as you want. I like mine very cheesy so I add a lot of cheese :)


Mix the cheese into the egg until you think you have enough cheese. And then set it aside.


When your pasta is done. Drain it but DO NOT COOL! Put you pasta back into the pan then quickly add the egg mixture.


The heat from the pasta will cook the egg mixture as you stir making a nice creamy texture.


And your done! So simply right?



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