1:00 PM

Ok, I don't like the look of this.Ewww.


I should be happy. I'm a SENIOR this year! But truthfully I'm not all that excited.

I did 2 classes throughout the summer so I still kind of feel like I didn't have a summer till the last 2 weeks..lol

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not getting depressed about this school year. Now that I think about it some more. I am acutely somewhat excited to be a senior. I mean. I can drive on my own now. I can't wait to do senior pictures. And I really can't wait to pick out my graduation gift from my parents.
I'm thinking cruise :D lol

Hope your school years are starting off well!


  1. Ohh... I'm not ready for school to start! ;P

  2. I am so ready to start:) Yep, I'm one of those crazy people who loves school. We aren't starting until September though:/

  3. I'm with Nana. I like doing school... well, most of it at least. But I still have three weeks of summer left.

  4. Senior here too! WOO WOO to 2012! ;)

    I am excited. :) Very.



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